Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

I’m talking about your email list here. 🙂

The short answer is Yes and No.

When selling…size can matter.

When trying to find your next client…size can matter.

Does the size of your email list matter

The better question to ask is…are you consistently List Building?

Every week.

Every month.

If not, and you’re struggling with lack of clients or cashflow, then you need to fix this problem.

You have to get out there…

I like to say you have to “Be seen in order to be heard”.

And since 96% of people will not buy from you the first time they see you…you have to get them onto your email list…and nurture them.

But it starts with getting them into your community.

Does it have to be through email? no…it could be via a Facebook group community for example.

However, your email list is the one thing you OWN.

Check out my post Is Your Email List Your Friend or Foe? to find out why your email list is an asset.

I’m passionate about growing my email list every month.

If you aren’t taking consistent actions to grow your list, then you can’t complain about lack of clients and lack of cashflow.

That may sound a bit harsh…

But you can’t fix it if you aren’t taking action.

A high converting Lead Magnet is a Must-Have to grow your business easily….and you don’t have to use FB ads!

  1. It gives immediate value to your new lead/prospect.
  2. It gives you reasons to reach out with natural conversation starters.
  3. It is an easy way to ask for a referral and give a url to share.
  4. JV Partners can share a free gift with their audience (as you can for them).
  5. and you grow your email list consistently!

The ways you can use a lead magnet is endless.

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