The Dos and Don’ts Of Email Frequency That You Need To Know  

The Dos and Don’ts Of Email Frequency That You Need To Know  

How many email lists are you subscribed to?

And how many of those emails go unread each day?

It can be tempting to keep sending out emails to your audience.

But it’s important to understand how often your readers want and need to get information from you.

The Dos and Don’ts of Email Frequency that You Should Know

Someone handed over their name and personal email address, and they’re relying on you to honor that and not spam them with a million emails that lack substance.

Even if you have plenty of value, you wouldn’t want to overstep your boundaries with your list in terms of email frequency.

There are some areas where your niche, your slant, and other factors might determine how often you email your customers.

There are very few niches where an email more than once a day would be acceptable.

There might be a few exceptions, such as the stock market niche, where trading information could come in handy on the fly.

But most niches don’t require multiple emails every day, and in fact, most subscribers will balk at this.

It’s not even good when it happens every so often, because marketers have burned their excuse of “Oops!” over and over again.

They claim to have made some sort of mistake in the last email, but what they’re really looking for is a way to email their link a second time.

For many subscribers, even daily emails are a bit much.

But this is okay if you’ve advertised a daily tip or newsletter for them to sign up to.

Niches that might work well for this frequency are things like diet and fitness – topics people need daily motivation with.

A good rule of thumb is to email your subscribers often enough that they don’t forget who you are (or why you’re emailing them), but not so much that they feel annoyed hearing from you.

Many marketers like to email two or three times a week, which is perfect for promotions, valuable tip emails, and getting feedback from your readers.

You can also develop a situation where you offer digest emails.

If you know you’ll be emailing too frequently for many people, offer a weekly digest to those who might feel overwhelmed.

That way, once a week, you can compile the emails that went out to the daily subscribers and send those to them in one large list email.

Sometimes you won’t know what your readers prefer until you hear from them directly.

They’ll often email you to tell you that you are emailing too much.

If you start to see a flood of these complaints, then it may be a sign that your frequency is off.

Or that you need to reassess the value you offer in your emails.

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