How To Become an Authority in Your Field

How To Become an Authority in Your Field

Being an authority in your niche is essential to create lifelong clients that are your biggest fans.

What does it mean to be an authority?

Becoming an authority means having people look up to you, trusting your advice and following your recommendations.

Just being an expert on something is not enough to become a recognized authority.

Personal branding and marketing are required too.

It’s like becoming a celebrity within your niche.

You can’t work behind the scenes and expect to be an authority in your niche – you will have to be open and happy to share your knowledge to succeed.

Once you become an authority you’ll find that opportunities practically jump into your lap without much effort, since “everyone” will want to work with you.

Most people respect the opinions of authorities, even if they don’t always agree with them.

authority in your field

But how do you become an authority?

Build Up A Loyal Following

Building up a loyal following means having a target audience that is willing to act on your recommendations.

Remember Your Paid For Your Knowledge

One potential downside is that authorities are constantly asked for help and free handouts.

Be sure to be giving only enough information to give viewers a taste of your brand.

NOT the information or services you use as your income for your business.

Find the Good in the Scrutiny

As you become more popular, you’ll find more and more people scrutinizing your work.

Take it as a compliment and learn as needed.

Your work is important and only YOU are able to give the information or services you provide.

Let negativity roll off your back.

How do you carry yourself like an authority?

Take every chance you get to help people

It’s a great way to establish yourself as a teacher and authority, not to mention the positive impression you’ll make on people.

Always try to go the extra mile for your viewers and customers

The more people you know, the easier it’ll be to become an authority, so focus heavily on networking.

Be a person who takes charge and acts like a leader

Even if you know more than most people in your niche – being humble is key to becoming an authority and helping people become raving fans.

Admit when you’re wrong or you’ve made a mistake.

It will help viewers relate to you.

Things to do to become an authority

If at all feasible, write or publish a book.

Blogging is a great way to network with your niche, give great value to your readers, and share your knowledge with others.

To get your name out there when you’re just starting out, offer to write articles and blog posts for other websites and/or magazines.

An active social media presence is an absolute must.

But it may vary depending on your niche.

Be sure to do your research in where your ideal client is hanging out.

Don’t underestimate the power of “old school” forums to build up a reputation.

Public speaking and hosting seminars/webinars should definitely be considered if you have the opportunity, even if it may seem daunting at first.

I’m an authority – now what?

Once you’ve become an authority in your field you can choose between remaining as active as you’ve been before, or downshifting and being more selective with what you want to focus on.

If you want to stay active you may want to consider hiring someone to help you with some of your daily tasks, letting you focus on what you find fun and rewarding in your business.

Another option is branching out to other niches, ideally related to the one you’ve successfully conquered.

Downshifting at this point is definitely possible, but keep up at least some of your usual activities (with a focus on high impact stuff like hosting seminars or doing big product launches).

Whatever you do, don’t lose touch with your network even if you choose to downshift and participate a bit less in your niche.

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