Entrepreneur Skills That Pay The Bills

Entrepreneur Skills That Pay The Bills

When you look at successful entrepreneurs, one thing becomes readily apparent – they all share some of the same personal qualities.

They go out and let the world know about their brilliance and they have thriving businesses.

Interested in doing the same?

skills that pay the bills

Entrepreneur Skills to Pay the Bills

Think about the most successful entrepreneurs you know.

I think of Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt or Gretchen Rubin.

They built something amazing out of nothing AND with the entrepreneur skills they were born with and learned.

Some of the skills entrepreneurs have are innate. It’s your disposition and what comes naturally to you.

When I work more closely with my clients, I ask them to take a personality test. This gives them and me an idea of what they really love to do!

Wouldn’t you love to wake up every day doing something you LOVE?

Of course, you would.

That’s why your an entrepreneur like me!

There are some skills that can be learned when your an entrepreneur. Together with your innate skills, they form a powerful set of skills that allows you as an entrepreneur to play at the top of your game.

Wanna know what they are?

I put together a quick list. Let’s take a look!

Do What You Like, Within Reason

Simply following your passions won’t work, I know.

I have tried. However, you do need to like what you do in order to achieve success. 

Be Serious

You have to take what you are doing seriously.

You are your own boss.

If you don’t take your business seriously, neither will anyone else.

Plan Your Actions

Planning is EVERYTHING.

This means that in order to be an effective entrepreneur, you have to plan your actions to create consistency and leverage your time.

Keep Your Mind on Your Money

Regular cash injections into your business are essential, I call these Dash To Cash routines.

It will keep your doors open AND give you the ability to put more into your business.

Be a Closer

It is your job as an entrepreneur to successfully sell your product or service.

Bang Your Own Drum

When you bang your own drum, your audience begins to associate you with what you sell.

You have to Be Seen in order to Be Heard!

Networking is Life

You want to make very sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who not only support your business but who are also able to challenge your set beliefs and help you grow as an entrepreneur. AND that person might not be your spouse!

Let Go of Stress

All successful entrepreneurs know how to let go of stress.

They understand that all work and no play is not a recipe for success.

You HAVE to add in self-care time.

Maximum Productivity

Do things that will help you achieve success on a daily basis and add the habits to be sure they stick.

Failure is an Option

As an entrepreneur, you must be prepared to accept failure.

And embrace it! It helps us learn.

I always tell my client that Failure is AWESOME!

Clear Communication

Communicating your intentions clearly to those around you will help your buyers know what your selling.

The Forest vs The Trees

The ability to change focus and viewpoint as an important skill to have in your business.

If it’s something you don’t do well, I suggest finding a mentor that can help you.

Ethical Ambition

There are ways to get what you want in life that does not involve damaging the environment, bending the rules, bribing authority, using insider information or hurting others.

Never skimp on ethics.

Adapt and Survive

Your business must be like a tree.

Strong and secure, but flexible enough to survive whatever storms come your way.

So, what do you think? Do you have some of these skills in your personality?

I have been adding to my skill-sets nonstop in my business and I want to share what I know with you.

I have dumped a lot of what I know into this Ultimate Habits Bundle.

Let me know if you have any questions about this set of entrepreneur skills in our free Time, Money & Happiness Matters Facebook Group. See you there!

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