Finding Happiness When Working from Home

Finding Happiness When Working from Home

Career happiness is attainable.

Some people find happiness while working from home.

But there are drawbacks to working from home.

Do you think you can find happiness when working from home?

Are people who work from home happier than people who don’t?

While it may depend on the individual, people who work from home tend to be happier.

Of course, it also depends on whether those home workers are self-employed. If you are telecommuting, you still have the shackles of working for someone else.

But even then, people find it more enjoyable to work from home.

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Finding Happiness When Working from Home

Working from home does have some disadvantages that go along with it, though.


First, you have to be really disciplined.

You should set aside space, such as an office, that will be used for your work.

Make it clear to your family members that they should treat that office as if it were located away from home.

Otherwise, it will be easy for them to interrupt you.

Limit Distractions

You should keep items that can easily distract you away from your workspace.

Unless your business depends on watching television, don’t put a television in your office.

If you have a favorite hobby that may entice you to work on when you should be working, keep that away as well.

Increase Productivity

If you work in a telecommuting situation, i.e., for someone else, you should make an effort to get more work done than you would if you had to commute into the office.

You want to take away any reason for them to revoke your telecommuting privileges.

You should chalk it up to the fact that you don’t have to spend extra time commuting.

Maintain a separation from work life and home life when you work from home.

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Keep It Separate

Another consideration when working from home is to separate work life from home life.

It can be too easy and convenient when you are at home to work longer hours.

Your boss may be tempted to call you up in the evenings to take care of something for him or her.

The fact that you have access to the office makes it too accessible for both you and your boss. Try to discourage that as much as possible.

Create a Plan

If you are self-employed, you will need to determine your plan of action.

This can be very difficult for people to get a handle on, especially early on in the business.

Not having a boss is a kind of double-edged sword.

You have the freedom to do as you please, but you need to make sure what you are doing is going to produce results. You are solely responsible for making it work.

Working from home can be rewarding and completely worth the challenges associated with it.

Leave us a comment and share if you work from home and the challenges you are currently facing with that decision.

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  1. I find it extremely difficult to take down time without feeling guilty, and to be disciplined enough to work during work -day time. So you’re exactly right! Finding the balance, giving myself permission to take off work with no guilt are the big challenges!

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