3 Ways to Make Happiness Your Reality

3 Ways to Make Happiness Your Reality

Changing our thoughts can affect our happiness and happiness can then become reality for us all.

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There are many different factors that can influence our happiness psychology and psychologists are constantly trying to put their finger on precisely what these things are, as are the rest of us.

Thus we have many different ideas of what describes happiness and many different formulas.

One example is the often-quoted: Happiness = Reality / Expectation

The idea here is that no matter how happy you should be, you are always going to compare your current situation to your idealized version of how life should be.

This can result in you being unhappy.

We here this saying repeated regularly but the question is: is it really accurate?

make happiness your reality

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How it Works

Theoretically, this happiness formula does make a lot of sense.

For example, if you get a bonus but it’s not as high as you thought it was going to be, then it can be very hard not to be disappointed by it.

On the other hand, if your expectations are low and you get paid a much bigger bonus then there’s a good chance you’ll be thrilled by that.

It also makes sense when you consider it alongside ‘social comparison theory’.

This theory states that our happiness is based on the perceived happiness of others and how we compare ourselves to them.

If you’re more successful than all your friends, you’ll be happy; even if you still aren’t very successful objectively.

You could make the argument that everything boils down to comparison.

This is essentially the underlying principle of the theory of relativity.

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Flaws in the Theory

But this theory is not perfect either and it’s certainly not always ‘useful’ in a practical sense.

For instance, even if your expectations are incredibly low, are you going to be happy if you’re living on the streets?

Furthermore, you won’t be happy if you’re unfortunate enough to have a neurological disorder that results in depression.

If your neurochemistry is happy then you won’t be, regardless of your situation.

At the same time, this saying appears to suggest that we should ‘set our aims low’ so that we aren’t disappointed by the outcome.

Is this really a good way to go about living life?

Should we not be entitled to have high expectations?

It’s not that we shouldn’t have high expectations.

We should learn to appreciate our current situation.

3 Ways to Make Happiness Your Reality

  1. Gratitude exercises are a great way to make happiness your reality. Be thankful for what you have.
  2. Find a support network. Develop healthy relationships and foster those relationship with quality time.
  3. Find help when thoughts of depression or unhappiness creep in! I’d be glad to show you more.

Share one happiness in your reality you are thankful for in the comments below.

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