How to Garden Yourself to Happiness

How to Garden Yourself to Happiness

Did you know that gardening has been proven to reduce stress, anger, depression? There is just something about getting your hands dirty, connecting with nature, and seeing the fruits of your labor! From deciding what to grow to creating and maintaining your garden, I’m sharing my favorite tips on how to garden yourself to happiness!

From deciding what to grow to creating and maintaining your garden, I'm sharing my favorite tips on how to garden yourself to happiness!

How to Garden Yourself to Happiness

There are so many great reasons to garden! It is a very peaceful and therapeutic hobby. When you have your hands in soil and nurture a seed to grow into food there is a sense of connection with nature. I feel a huge sense of peace after spending some time in my garden. There is nothing better to see what your hands can accomplish than gardening! You have every control of what you grow and what you are putting into your garden, growing plants with more nutrients and less chemicals.

There are so many options of and varieties of plants you can grow, so do some research and pick your favorites! Here are 10 Garden Vegetables You Need to Know About when starting your garden. It’s sometimes recommended that you don’t try to grow vegetables that are readily available at your local supermarket. If it is hard to find good quality in some types of vegetables, growing your own may be a better option!

The first step to starting a new vegetable garden is to do some research and map it out. By being creative with placement, you might be able to grow vegetables you never thought you’d be able to grow in your location! Once you develop your plan, it’s very important to stick to it.

Last year, I created raised garden beds and used the square foot gardening method. You can design your garden using this method by section off a bed a foot at a time and then depending on the size of the plant, you plant 1, 4, 9, or 16 plants. Some plants can improve the flavor of other plants simply by being in close proximity with one another.

I started raised bed gardens because of the ability to harvest more produce in a small space.

Raised beds can improve your soil conditions and make it easier to spot weeds. The benefits of raised bed gardening are numerous and it works for our smaller gardening space.

Raised bed gardens are so flexible and very easy to build. After you’ve built your frames, you’ll need to mix your soil and put it into the frames. Knowing how to maintain your raised bed garden can even help you plant earlier and extend your season longer.

Gardening isn’t the only way I reduce stress. Check out some of my favorite ways to stay happy with my Brain Bliss Activation Guide! Click the image below to grab your FREE copy!

If you are thinking about making your own garden beds let me know. It’s an amazing stress reducer and a great way to keep up your happiness level! I hope you are able to use these tips and learn how to garden yourself to happiness!

I am always looking for new tips and gardening ideas! Will you share your favorites in the comments?

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