Getting the Most Out of Your Manicure

Getting the Most Out of Your Manicure

Today’s topic is all about getting the most out of your manicure! I look forward to these the most because I’m always hard at work, and often in the garden. When the time comes, I definitely make time for mani’s and pedi’s.

I know how difficult it can be to find (or set aside) time to pamper yourself. And I don’t mean go to the grocery store sans kids (which does, in fact, seem like a mini-vacation)… I’m talking about doing something just for you! For me, this usually means a manicure and pedicure! I find it so relaxing to have my nails filed, cuticles cut, hands massaged, and nails painted. The hour of pampering is worth every penny! But I found that the polish on my nails would quickly chip, peel, or smudge during my day-to-day activities. That’s when a friend recommended getting a gel manicure. I decided to get one and loved it!

A gel manicure is just like a regular manicure except for the polish. Your nails are first shaped, smoothed, and buffed and your cuticles are cleaned and trimmed. But rather than apply a normal base coat, polish color of your choice, and top coat, the manicurist will use a gel base coat, gel color, and gel top coat. In between each application, your nails will cure under a UV lamp for 1-3 minutes. This ensures that the gel adheres correctly to your nails and dries completely.Today's topic is a fun one because it's all about getting the most out of your manicure! See what the Pros and Cons are when pampering yourself.

Pros for Gel Manicures
-Gel polish won’t chip, crack, or smudge once it is appropriately applied to your nails. When you leave the salon, your nails are dry! No smudging them while getting your keys out of your purse!
-Gel-manicured nails stand up to your daily activities. Your nails will look great even after doing dishes, scrubbing crayon markings off the wall, and gardening.
-A gel manicure will last for 2-4 weeks. Nail growth is the only reason I need to get my gel nails touched up.
-Gel nail polish does not produce any odor. I love that I don’t have to worry about inhaling the regular polish odor.
-The gel nail polish leaves a glossier finish that lasts 2-4 weeks!

Cons for Gel Manicures
-You cannot remove the gel polish with store-bought remover, so you will need to revisit the salon to remove the gel polish. Because the gel polish bonds so tightly with your nail, the manicurist will soak your nails in acetone for 8-15 minutes and file the gel polish off the nail. This is a great excuse to go back to the salon and get another manicure!
-Gel manicures are generally more expensive than traditional manicures. But if the gel manicure lasts 2-3 times longer than a traditional manicure, I say it’s worth it!
-Gel polish requires a UV light or LED light for the curing process.

In my opinion, if you find time to pamper yourself and get a manicure… make it last by getting a gel manicure!

Quick tip: Choose a salon where the manicurists have been trained well in the gel technique. If gel manicures are not applied correctly, they have a tendency to lift/peel at the edges.

Happy pampering, and don’t forget to GRAB my FREE Manifesto Guide for everyday inspiration to live loud and clear!

4 Responses to Getting the Most Out of Your Manicure

  1. Disclosure: I have beautiful hands, but really dry brittle nails, that look a fright. I think the nail brittleness is connected to my thyroid issues.
    I would love to be able to get gel manicures, but have heard that the acetone soaks can be damaging to nails, causing them to become dry and brittle.
    Due to ALREADY having dry brittle nails, and then…the potential damage from UV light drying compounded by doing this every 2 weeks, they’re probably not the treatment for me.
    Do you have any concerns about gel manicures weakening your nails?
    I think they LOOK fabulous!!! I wish I could afford to have a gel manicure every 2 weeks, which is another drawback for me, I guess. I have gel manicure nail envy!

  2. Thank you for the information. I was actually not familiar with gel manicures at all. And as a matter of fact, I’ve NEVER had a manicure. Not one. One of these days….sigh

  3. I’ve only gotten my nails done once and it was for a wedding. Not being able to remove the polish at home stressed me out but I love how long the manicure lasted!

  4. I have to agree with Earl-Leigh’s comment above. I got gel nails once about a year ago and it actually softened my nail bed. I didn’t like that. They convinced me to try it again 2 weeks ago because I was attending a wedding. I have to say, I love how long the manicure last. I will be going back for the salon to remove the gel polish for me which they highly advise.

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