How to Survive Christmas

How to Survive Christmas

When the holidays hit, it gets super, crazy busy for everyone. There is so much to be done in so little time. Once Thanksgiving fly’s by, December is already rolling around. And this is where we need a plan. See if you can tackle your to-do lists with my 7 tips on how to survive Christmas. These help me get through the rough patches and makes the Holiday season much more enjoyable.

#1 – Get your tree up right after Thanksgiving if possible. That way, you’ll have a little over a month to enjoy it and get into the Christmas spirit. It also gives you a chance in taking photos with the family while decorating. You can even use these photos for your cards (Tip #3) and you can scratch getting your family photo taken (Tip #2) off your list since it won’t be necessary. Read our tips on how to photograph your tree.

#2 – Get your family photo taken early. Read our 5 tips on taking your holiday family photos.

#3 – Get your address book updated along with sending out your holiday greeting cards. The earlier, the better because we know how stressful the post office can be during this time.

See if you can tackle your to-do lists with my 7 tips on how to survive Christmas. These help me enjoy the holiday season so much more.

#4 – If you have any family Christmas traditions that should take place during the month of December, remember to take the time to plan ahead so that you can enjoy them.

#5 – Plan for your gift buying budget. Read our 3 tips for gift guide planning for Christmas. Again, with a plan in hand, you can keep spending in check.

#6 – With your gift buying plan in place, get to shopping! As you buy, or as they arrive if you do online shopping, be sure to wrap. Don’t wait to wrap gifts, otherwise, you end up doing a marathon, which is hard on your hands and back. Wrapping a few gifts a day makes wrapping fun and more enjoyable. Here is our 2015 Gift Guide if you need ideas. And don’t forget about those Stocking Stuffers.

#7 – The last biggest plan you should have is for your big Christmas Day Dinner. Read how you can make your Christmas meal simple and easy!

I hope you have survived December so far and that you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas! I would love to hear if you have any survival tips to add!

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  1. Great ideas. Thanks for this.

    I always follow the FIVE: decorate, buy gifts, wrap gifts, bake cookies etc, send cards. If I’m on track for all of these things I’m Good to Go!! Merry Christmas.

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