4 Different List Building Goals To Have For Your Email List

4 Different List Building Goals To Have For Your Email List

When you are building your list, it’s important to have goals in mind.

Goals involve numbers but also, they should involve a complete understanding of what you want to accomplish with your email list.

When you build a list…

list building goals

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What do you want your results to be?

Here are 4 different goals to consider…

1. A Responsive List

When you email your list do you meet or exceed the average response rate for your industry?

If you aren’t meeting that goal you will need to look at a variety of factors to determine what needs to change or be tweaked.

  • It could your messaging that is the problem.
  • It could be the time of day or the day of the week.

You’ll have to dig deep into analytics to figure it out and test out different things to see what works best.

2. A Targeted List

If you are targeting the right audience well, you’ll have a good response to your lead magnet and free gifts, or to your low-price offer, also called a trigger or tripwire offer.

The people who respond, if they are indeed your target audience, will not just get the freebie and then unsubscribe.

They’ll open your email messages, at least five to ten of them in the beginning.

If they’re not, you may want to revisit your lead magnet to ensure if it’s really targeting your ideal audience.

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3. A Nurtured List

This is a soapbox topic of mine.

Send relevant educational, informative, engaging and promotional content to your list often and consistently.

Set up an autoresponder to segment (tag) based on your subscribers’ behavior. Tags can include:

  • if they click on a link
  • if they download a report or gift
  • if they buy one of your products
  • if they buy an affiliate product you recommend

That way you can keep nurturing them based on who they are and how they respond.

4. A Growing List

Finally, your list should be growing every month.

Realize, however, that it will grow and contract, grow and contract.

This is a good thing.

You want people who aren’t interested in your offerings to drop off your list.

The real key to growing your list is to find ways to launch something that will attract your audience such as more freebies, low-cost products, webinars, engagement opportunities.

Of course, you also want to tie your goals to something measurable.

  • You can measure how many people are on your list
  • You should be measuring responsiveness such as open rates
  • You can measure how often you nurturing your list

The responsiveness of your subscribers will let you know if you’re on the right track in terms of targeting your audience and providing the right solutions to them.

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