Catch Escaping Leads with Retargeting in order to Increase Sales Conversions

Catch Escaping Leads with Retargeting in order to Increase Sales Conversions

So, you have your sales funnel all set up! That’s huge.

But, what happens next?

It’s time to grab those leads that don’t finish the sales process.

catch leads with retargeting

Catch Escaping Leads with Retargeting in order to Increase Sales Conversions

If you’re selling online, you know about your sales funnel.  You know that it’s SO important to test and test again your funnel to be able to convert your leads.

If that all sounds like a foreign language, check out my email marketing system.

It will get you started on the right foot with the terminology, setting up your first (and most important) email campaign, and support you along the way to help your nurture those precious leads.

BUT, if you already have your sales system set up, you are ready for your abandon cart sequence!

Prior to retargeting, a lost customer was usually gone forever:

blamed on short attention span and the overwhelming amount of distracting internet content.

Now that we have retargeting, it means that your would-be customer doesn’t escape so easily.

Retargeting uses internet cookies – those little files that your website plants on your visitor’s laptop when they visit you.

The file is made up of code that is unnoticeable and does not slow down your site.

When you receive a new visitor to your site, the code places a cookie that connects your advertising server to that computer or mobile device – allowing it to serve your ad to those who have visited your site and left.

Retargeting code is JavaScript based and often referred to as a retargeting pixel.

Unfortunately, ad blockers and any browser technology that blocks JavaScript will render it useless.

But the majority of people prefer to keep JavaScript operational on their browsers to view video and other content formats that rely on it.

Usually, retargeting is not implemented alone, but forms part of a larger campaign involving paid advertising.

The internet user clicks a Paid-Per-Click ad (PPC),  visits your site, leaves and then is reminded of what they looked at on your site when your ad is served to them via an advertising display network.

Retargeting WORKS and it’s easy to understand why.

Your brand remains front and center in your prospect’s mind when your advertising continues to be displayed to them even after leaving your site.

It’s like that feeling of fate when a customer feels that yours is the product that’s meant for them because they keep seeing it all the time.

Or, it’s got to be good because it seems to be advertised everywhere. Whatever way you look at it, it’s the familiarity that often makes a sale.

The most effective way to make use of retargeting in your campaigns is to segment your retargeting pixels so that you can target those interested in specific products, such as red shoes versus blue shoes, or menswear versus women’s.

Retargeting can be scheduled according to a timeframe, which makes it ideal for those in industries such as travel, where a decision needs to be made sooner rather than later.

If this seems like a lot, please feel free to reach out to me in my Time, Money & Happiness Matters Free Facebook Group. My team and I are happy to help!

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