Do You Use This MUST-HAVE Ingredient in All Your Messaging?

Do You Use This MUST-HAVE Ingredient in All Your Messaging?

Be Authentic in All Messages. I touched upon this in a previous post about the 4 Steps To Harness the Power of One Message.

This includes your Sales Messages and Promos.

There is no such thing as lying and hiding who you a really are today.

Social media and the internet changed everything.

ingredient in all messaging

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Do you use this MUST-HAVE Ingredient in all your Messaging?

No one can own a business and hide behind the business without someone finding out who they are and outing them to the world whether they want to be or not.

Therefore, you should own the story, and you should always control the message by being authentically you.

Here are some tips to help you become more authentic in all your messaging including sales messages and promotional messages.

1. Put Your Customer’s Experience First

When you are customer-centric, it’ll make it easier for you to be more authentic.

Everything you do is for them.

When you study their problems from their perspective so that you can create products that provide solutions to their problems it’s all about them.

When it’s about them, truly, that will show up in your content and offers in a natural way.

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2. Keep Your Promises

OMG this is huge for me.

I am a person of my word.

When I mess up, make a mistake, I own it.

If I say something on a live webinar or video, like make an impromptu offer, I honor my word.

If you say it, do it.

Don’t make a 100 percent guarantee if you’re going to question why they want a refund.

If you say they can ask you questions twenty-four-seven, then you best have customer service that really works that way.

People notice promises that are made and unkept more than they notice ones that are kept.

Therefore, don’t make the promise if you can’t keep it.

3. Love Your Contractors & Employees, Too

If you hire others to work with you, it’s important to act internally the way you want your business to be seen externally.

For example, don’t talk about customer complaints in a bad way with your employees or contractors.

This way, you’ll make it clear that your customers are always first even if sometimes their complaints seem petty to you or the customer service professional you still put their feelings first.

However, do express support for your contractors and employees, too.

4. Know What Values Are Important to Your Customer

When you know what your customers value, it’ll be a lot easier to create content, products, and services that they want to use.

Plus, when you know their values, it makes it easier to choose your words correctly and understand more about how to communicate clearly with your audience.

5. Understand What You’re Good At

It’s hard to accept sometimes that you are good at something. 

However, it’s okay to not only be good at something but to know that you’re good at it too. 

It’s also okay to state that you’re good at that.

The idea that you shouldn’t is negative and not helpful at all to you and your business.

When you’re honest, and you stop worrying about what anyone but your audience thinks, you’ll find freedom in being able to talk about yourself honestly as well as your audience in an honest way that resonates with them.

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