My mama’s home-made BBQ Pastrami

My mama’s home-made BBQ Pastrami

My mom has always made the best BBQ pastrami sandwich I’ve ever tasted. I have the recipe written down on an index card that has definitely seen some wear and tear. It has stain marks on it from where I’ve dropped bits of sauce on the card.

After many years of cooking it myself, I’ve made some modifications to this recipe to make it a bit healthier.  I swapped out beef pastrami for turkey pastrami and where it called for sugar, I now use Xyla birch sweetener instead. This way of cooking is sure to keep me happy when I’m thinking about mom since she’s out in Idaho!

Allow me to share my mama’s home-made BBQ pastrami sandwich recipe that will leave a stain or two on you as you devour it!

Need an easy dinner recipe that everyone will love? It can be a bit messy but my mama's home-made bbq pastrami sandwiches are the best!

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