Set Goals {12 Days of Happiness Life Hacks}

Set Goals {12 Days of Happiness Life Hacks}

One of the best ways to ensure your happiness is to set goals. Make them realistic and enjoyable! When you reach them, you’ll find yourself at a new level of happiness in your business and life.

Goal setting is one of my favorite exercises to do with my clients. I love making a good plan that fits in their lifestyle and setting milestones along the way.

Why Do We Set Goals?

Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”. If you don’t have a plan to increase your revenue or read 5 more books this year than last, you won’t see your goals come to fruition.

We set goals to make our dreams come true and to be sure we are being the happiest we can be! Without goals we will flounder.

One of the best ways to ensure your happiness is to set goals. Make them realistic and enjoyable! When you reach them, you'll find yourself at a new level of happiness.

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How To Set Goals

Write it down! Without writing your goals down, they are just thoughts. Writing your goals down makes them tangible. Writing also gives you the opportunity to develop a well, thought out plan to make your goals come true.

You might like to check out the book Goal Setting.  It includes a workbook so you can stay on track with your goal setting in a realistic way.

Make a plan! Write down the steps to achieve your goal. I like to work backward. Where do you want to be? Define what it will mean to reach your goal. Make your description specific! Then think about what needs to happen right before that to be sure your goal is met. Then keep working backwards to where you are now.

Rework the plan as needed. Some goals take a really long time to achieve. Stay focused and rework the plan as many times as needed to be sure your goals become reality.

Once your goal is met, analyze the process. What did you do in your goal setting process that worked well? What could you do better next time? By looking back on the process you’ll be able to refine your own ability to meet goals. Maybe you need to create more baby milestones along the way or be more realistic with your expectations.

Don’t forget to share your accomplishments with others! Reaching one of your planned goals is something to be proud of and allowing others to celebrate with you will encourage you to reach more goals in the future!

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Write down 3 goals you want to accomplish this week.

Share with me in the comments one goal you made for this week!

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Take the 12 Days of Happiness Life Hacks challenge and take action to choose your happiness today. Use these tips and tricks to your happiness to bring joy to your everyday happiness level.

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2 Responses to Set Goals {12 Days of Happiness Life Hacks}

  1. I love setting goals and share them on my Facebook page and encourage other to share their goals with me too. I love cheering people on. I think it’s so important to write down your goals both to help you remember and focus on them and to hold yourself accountable.

    My home goals were to catch up on Christmas, almost done wrapping presents. My blog goals were to get a planner post done and a newsletter written but I haven’t done as good with that this week. Hope you will stop by my Faebook page and share your goals too!

  2. This is just what I wanted to read about, setting goals is a tragedy in my life! I want to but yet I don’t. I am going to follow this and set some real goals…..thank you! Btw setting a goal is my number one goal

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