Shredded Pork Recipe

Shredded Pork Recipe

Ready for another super easy crock-pot recipe? Shredded pork recipe makes delicious tacos, burritos, or pulled pork sandwiches.  This recipe is out of my Fix-It and Forget-it cookbook by Phyllis Pellman Good. I tend to make this dish quite often, and it usually lasts throughout the week.

Reasons why I love this Shredded Pork Recipe:

1. Who doesn’t like tacos?!? This is an instant hit in our family.
2. It’s so quick and easy to prepare, you can do it in the morning before you leave for work!
3. Simple ingredients that you can pick up at the store in 5 minutes flat! Or better yet, keep a pork butt roast in the freezer and the other ingredients in your cupboards (they are non-perishable) and make it whenever you want!

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Happy cooking! Let me know what you think of this shredded pork recipe, or share with me your version on @living5x5.

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