The #1 FOUR Letter Word You Use Most…

The #1 FOUR Letter Word You Use Most…

I was recently called a cheerleader.

I smiled.

Okay, not what you expected with a subject line about a 4-letter word… keep your pants on and continue reading.

I was told that my happy smiles and bubbly personality don’t showcase the very analytical and methodological left-brained side of how I think. (Afterall, I have Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics.)

Let me share with you why I created Time, Money & Happiness Matters…

  • I was working too many long hours running multiple businesses at the same time
  • I was putting on too much weight from lack of healthy food and exercise
  • I was arguing with my husband too much (about how I was over-working)
  • I wasn’t getting good sleep because I was stressed about my long list of to-dos

When Cory and I moved out to the country…something clicked for me.

I could have Balance.

…my unique definition of balance. IF… ONLY IF… I was more efficient and intentional with my time.

I could have both Success and Happiness. Did you know the…

#1 Struggle for Entrepreneurs is lack of TIME

Is this you too?

Take a look at these survey results…about achieving success in your business.

After surveying over 1000 entrepreneurs…it was clear what they needed help most in….finding a way to balance having more TIME, more MONEY, and more HAPPINESS!

I used that left-brained side of me to create programs, courses and coaching opportunities for my audience.

Interested in more ways to balance your life and your business? Get a reminder with my HappyBot for my free Facebook Live trainings every Friday! 

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