The Art of Building a List of Buyers (Part 1)

The Art of Building a List of Buyers (Part 1)

We’ll be delving into the world of email lists.

An email list can be one of the most useful things that an internet marketer ever builds because if you build the right list, and have the right products, you can use that list over and over again to make sales.

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But most people are a little intimidated by building an email list, both by the technical process of doing so, and by the prospect of asking people to provide their email.

That’s why we are going to explain the entire process from beginning to end so that you can feel more comfortable with it.

What is an Email List?

Let’s start by defining what an email list actually is. An email list is simply a database of email addresses that you build specifically for marketing purposes.

You see, you can’t just send unsolicited emails to anyone. That’s called spam, and not only is it the absolute height of bad business etiquette; it is also illegal in many parts of the world.

In order to send someone an email, they must have consented. So, when you build an email list, you must get consent beforehand so that you won’t get into trouble for sending people emails they didn’t ask for.

Why an Email List Is Important

So, why is an email list so important? There are several reasons, but the primary one is, because they work. 

If you send someone an email, it has a greater chance of being read than your latest blog posts, social media posts or anything else you might use to communicate with a customer. In fact, it might have a better chance of being read than an actual letter delivered by the postal service these days.

Basically, when someone allows you to put their email address onto your list, there is a great deal of trust there. People regard their emails as sacred.

After all, you can just unfollow someone on social media if you don’t like what they are saying. Emails are different, and you should be aware of that responsibility if you are building a list.

Not only will the email be more apt to be read, those on your list are also more likely to be buyers.

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The Basics of Building an Email List

So, how do you go about building an email list? There are several different facets of this tactic that you need to understand before you begin. We will be going over each of them in some detail below.

Your Website

Let’s start with your website. Your website is one of the most important elements of building an email list, although it doesn’t actually have to be fancy.

We’re just talking about the landing page here. When someone gets to your landing page, and you are trying to get an email address from them, you don’t need to bombard them with too much information; in fact, in most cases, the less information the better.

All you really need on a landing page is a form to collect email addresses and a reason for someone to give you theirs. We’ll discuss promotion a little later in the chapter.

The Funnel

Another thing that will make a difference is what kind of funnel you have set up; a ‘sales funnel’ – or in the case of an email an ‘opt-in funnel’ – is a series of pages that are all geared with making sure that the customer accomplished the end goal. In this case, it is all about getting that email address to add to your list.

So, you need to set up a funnel to ensure that they don’t leave without accomplishing that goal. That might require that you send them to a second page to offer them something better if they start to bounce from the page or whatever creative way that you can come up with to get them to give you their email.

Email Verification

Email verification is a big part of the process. You need to ensure that the email addresses that you are getting are valid, but that is only one of the reasons why the verification process exists.

When someone enters their email, you want direct confirmation from their email that they have given you permission to send them marketing emails.

Of course, you certainly don’t want to word your welcome email that way, but you do want to get them to click the verification link before you send them the free eBook or whatever promotion you were offering.


Autoresponders are the main tool of the email list building toolkit. You want to send an instant response when someone signs up for your email list, and you want to immediately deliver to them that free thing that you offered to get them to sign up.

You also want to be able to send out regular emails on a schedule, and an autoresponder can help with that.

Generally, if you sign up for a web hosting package, some kind of autoresponder will be included in your cpanel tools and these can be quite useful.

Email List Services

There are also a number of premium services out there that help you collect email addresses and build a mail list. If you have a WordPress website, there are several plugins that will help with this task.

There is also a very popular email list service called MailChimp that is used by many major companies and lots of successful internet marketers. These email list services often charge a nominal fee, so you will have to decide it if it worth it for the features that you get with the service.

Promoting Your Email List

Next, we’ll discuss promoting your email list. There are several ways that you can get people to give you their email list.

The ones that are listed here are kind of the standards in the industry, but you are more than welcome to come up with some of your own “out-of-the-box” approaches to getting people to sign up.

Social Media Posts

So, the first thing that we’ll discuss is social media posts. Facebook and Twitter can both be great tools when it comes to building an email list. But you have to approach both of these methods in the right way.

For example, you need to have a history of providing valuable or entertaining content to your social media subscribers before you can start asking them for their email. People can smell an account set up solely for marketing a mile away.

You need to make sure that you develop a relationship first because remember, giving someone your email is only done after some trust has been established.

What are you doing to build your email list? Comment below!

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