The Mozart Effect

The Mozart Effect

Today’s topic is an interesting one (and controversial)! Have you ever heard of The Mozart Effect? Most simply, this is a claim that listening to Mozart’s music increases your IQ. It has been written about and studied and in the end, people hold varying opinions about its accuracy. There are a whole host of changes that the brain may undergo when listening to Mozart which some say result in increased spatial reasoning and intelligence. You may be wondering why Mozart? To quote the book that started it all, The Mozart Effect, ‘the rhythms, melodies, and high frequencies of Mozart’s music stimulate and charge the creative and motivational regions of the brain.’

Besides increasing intelligence, Mozart’s music has been proven to help in healing, therapy, and rehabilitation. The book claims, ‘We suspect that complex music facilitates certain complex neuronal patterns involved in high brain activities like math and chess. By contrast, simple and repetitive music could have the opposite effect.’ The Mozart Effect presents story after story of the effects of Mozart’s music. From babies in-utero, to newborns, to the sick and the elderly, this music seems to affect them all in a positive way.

I have read this book and found it fascinating. If you are at all into music or have some curiosity about the topic, you should check out The Mozart Effect

The Mozart Effect

I’ll leave you with a quote from the book…
‘If you are one of these people seeking healthful alternatives, you don’t have very far to look. Your own inner sound system – your ears, voice, and choice of music or self-generated sounds is the most powerful healing medium available. It costs nothing, is not controlled by some expert or guru, and you can’t leave home without it. The Mozart Effect is your manual to this superb natural audio works.’

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