How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Sales Funnel

How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is like a spider’s web, carefully constructed to lure your ideal prey (customer) into your web and sticky enough that they can’t possibly escape.

Now while this may sound sinister and negative…it’s not.

You should be constructing funnels that are strong life webs, and you do want your customers’ attention to be caught.

But how do you attract the right visitors?

how to drive traffic

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How to Drive Traffic to your Online Sales Funnel

First, I want to be sure that you have done everything you need to create an amazing lead magnet that brings in your ideal client.

Not yet?

Check out my email marketing system.

It will get you started on the right foot with the terminology, setting up your first (and most important) email campaign, creating an amazing lead magnet (or freebie) and supporting you along the way to help your nurture those precious leads.

Once you’re done with that, you’re ready to drive traffic to your lead magnet!

PLEASE, PLEASE, always test your funnel.

I can’t say it enough.

It means converting your leads or NOT.

Understanding how traffic responds to your landing page is vital.

Without an optimal funnel, traffic is useless.

You could drive thousands of visitors a day only to end up with no sales to show for it.

Once you have your lead magnet optimized, it’s time to drive traffic!

Where from?

Wherever it already exists is usually a good place to start.

Think about where your audience already hangs out?

Is it on Facebook?


Almost every online business knows and understands they need to go to where their ideal client hangs out, yet they rarely take the time to take full advantage of it.

Take the time to join those communities and interact.

THEN you can share your freebie with them.

Also, try Q&A sites and forums.

The point of joining a forum or answering questions on blogs and Q&A sites is twofold.

Not only do you position yourself as an authority, but you create backlinks to your website and when your answer appears on a highly trafficked site as a result of a question that gets a high volume of searches – you siphon some of that traffic back to your website.

Drive your social media traffic to your lead magnet.

Traffic from social media can be free or paid – often a combination works best.

Just what blend of free vs. paid you use will depend on your business.

Special offers are almost always shared by users and only require enough paid advertising dollars to get them to your opt-in goal.

Other posts may require a more consistent budget.

Test paid advertising on social media but only do so where your audience already hangs out there.

This is the crux of traffic plans.

You may hear that Google Plus or Pinterest has driven thousands of dollars’ worth of business to a particular business, but unless your market spends their time on those sites, there’s little point in blindly following suit.

Always have something free to offer in return for your subscriber to give you their email address.

Your lead magnet should be high value and be targeted to your ideal client.

And I say it all the time, but test what works for you and keep doing it, and tweak what’s not working.

Failure is awesome, so be excited when something doesn’t work and try something else until it converts.

Need more help?

Please feel free to reach out to me in my Time, Money & Happiness Matters Free Facebook Group.

My team and I are happy to help!

While you’re building your Sales Funnel, use content you already have to keep driving traffic.  Use my free resource One to Many – How to Turn One Blog Post into 30+ Promotional Items to repurpose articles you’ve written or blog posts you’ve shared.

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