10 Reasons Why Someone Will Become Your Customer (Part 2)

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Become Your Customer (Part 2)

If you missed part 1 of these 10 reasons, make sure you check out that blog post here.

But now let’s get to the last 5 reasons why someone will become your customer.

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6.  Following, Popularity, Brand Value, & Fandom

This can easily be the most important buyer trigger.

But the reason we mention it at sixth is because a company needs to master the first five to become a brand with a worthwhile following.

Popularity of a brand instills credibility.

People trust their products or services.

Fandom instills a sense of unity. People come together and feel like a part of a larger group.

Human beings are wired to find a common reason to unite.

There is a reason why millions of people around the world line up to grab the latest iPhone.

In addition to the pursuit of novelty and the quest for pleasure, it is the sense of being a part of the larger group of iPhone users and the fandom that drives the people to put in the effort, also their money.

7.  Enticement or Intrigue

We are drawn to what we know or have experienced.

We like eating our favorite foods, we support our favorite teams and expect the best from them, we like the comfort of being with our friends and also seek job security.

There is a part of us that wants predictability, certainty, and continuity.

Then there is a part of the mind that craves surprises, wants to explore the unknown, is waiting to be enticed or intrigued.

This curious part of our mind can be easily used by a company to generate traction for its product or service.

This is not the same as the pursuit of something new or original.

It is the longing for something different.

While we go about our lives in the most mundane and obviously expected manner, we want to try out something new or have a different experience.

Any product or service worth its cost that has this intrigue or enticement will easily convert leads into customers.

8.  Fear of Missing Out

This is a buyer trigger but has been diluted in recent years for being used, overused and even abused by most companies.

Fear of loss has always been a driving force and has led to overnight bestsellers but it works only when used sparingly.

Companies keep blasting their leads with emails, highlighting limited time specials again and again.

If the lead knows that you would keep repeating the same offer or similar promotions time and again, then it doesn’t really create any fear of loss.

Smartly timed, placed and messaged campaigning that genuinely instills a fear of loss will always convert a lead into a customer.

Fear of missing out needs to be well substantiated. It cannot be a random claim.

A newly launched product or a new service cannot really use fear of missing out because the leads don’t even know what they would be missing out.

That is unless, the product or service is a follow up of what is already out there and the leads know the benefits, effectively the pleasure.

9.  Verifiable Proof

Whatever it is that you promote, a lead is likely to believe your claims if there is verifiable proof.

Products in action, services being endorsed by people, independent studies or reviews that substantiate the claims and any kind of proof that is verifiable will always instill the trust a lead needs to make the final decision.

As long as there is an iota of doubt over the functionality or utility, durability or reasonability of a product or service, a lead will not take the plunge.

The verifiable proof can be something as obvious as social media following or mass scale endorsement as evident in sales.

10. Hype, Press, or Controversy

Press or media has one of the most influential psychological impacts.

When something gets highlighted by the press, people pay attention.

When there is a lot of fuss or hype surrounding a launch or about a product, service or company, there is an urge to check it out.

Even when there is some kind of controversy, it helps in publicizing the product or service.

It is not true that there is no bad publicity but it is obviously true that hype or fuss and any kind of media attention are buyer triggers.

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