When Your Brilliance Is Not Being Tapped

When Your Brilliance Is Not Being Tapped

When your Brilliance is not being tapped into fully…you waste time and attract the wrong clients!

I felt like I had to start over (and over) when I realized I was attracting the wrong leads.

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I recently polled my community, and 1 out of 5 entrepreneurs reported that their biggest struggle was lack of Clarity, with the other top choices being lack of leads/clients and lack of cashflow – which all relate back to clarity.

Having a clear picture of what makes you Unique, your Sweet Spot is so pivotal to solve all these struggles – to be able to speak with confidence and make offers. And yet, I often hear “I don’t know what my sweet spot is” (or how to figure it out!)

Watch my video below, and listen as I share my 5 steps to understanding your Unique Brilliance.

Download and take my self-assessment gift to you and see where you are with creating your Brilliance Blueprint.

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  1. recently re-did Briggs Meyer as ISTJ, Type 5 Enneagram, THarve Eker , Gretchen Rubin Questioner Belinda Rosenblume Survivor Sleep Cronotype Wolf, several others

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