Working Smarter To Be More Productive

Working Smarter To Be More Productive

Working smarter means working more efficiently and getting things done in less time. Now that doesn’t mean you have to run yourself ragged and work at super-speed all the time. 

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You can spend less time in the office and more time with your loved ones. Or you can turn around and “reinvest” that time into growing your business. It’s all up to you. 

Most importantly it will make you feel like you’re making progress and moving forward. It’ll keep work fun and interesting. And it will keep you from burning yourself out as we already discussed.

 You’re the boss of your business. That means you’re in charge of making decisions. Your most important job is to recognize and focus on high priority tasks. 

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Working Smarter Means Picking High Priority Tasks

What can you do today that will move your business forward and improve the bottom line. Working smarter, in this case, means picking the right things to work on.

Working Smarter Means Delegating Some Tasks

You may start out as a one man / one woman show, but there comes a time when you’ll need some help. As your business grows there’s more to be done and you’re the one focusing on the high priority tasks. 

Efficiency only gets you so far. Working smarter, in this case, means realizing it’s time to hire a VA or some part-time help in the shop.

Working Smarter Means Automating Some Tasks

There’s some amazing software, apps and tools out there that can make your life easier. They can also save you a lot of time that you can use wisely elsewhere. 

Working Smarter Means Cutting Out Distractions

Have you ever been trying hard to finish a project by a looming deadline, only to be interrupted every 5 minutes? Of course you have… we’ve all been there. It can be maddening. 

Things like your computer or phone alerting you to a new email, checking Facebook to see what’s been going on, the phone ringing or your mom stopping by for coffee and a chat since you’re “working from home”. 

Working smarter in this case means cutting out or at least minimizing distractions as much as possible during work hours.

Working Smarter Means Focusing On Money Making Tasks

Last but not least let’s talk hard, cold cash. That’s why we’re in this… to make money. We’re not always good at keeping our eye on the prize though. 

It’s easy to get into a routine at work and do stuff, just because that’s how we do it. 

We get the ad in the yellow pages, we write the weekly newsletter column, we attend the local chamber of commerce meeting, we move through the paces and don’t stop to do the math and figure out if this is actually the most valuable use of our time and resources

Working smarter in this case means taking a long hard look at what is making us money and what isn’t.

It’s easy to see that this is very different from “just” working harder. Yes, you’ll still be working and getting a lot of stuff done. 

The big difference is that working smarter means you think about what you’re doing and are making smart choices instead of putting your nose to the grindstone and knocking out random things that need doing.

Your workday will fill up with whatever you let it fill up with. 

Don’t you want to make smart choices and work on the tasks that will move you and your business forward instead of filling it with busy work? 

Great! Let’s get started on the first category of our “Working Smarter Hacks”.

Leave us a comment and let us know one thing you are going to start doing to work smarter!

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