Building Out Your Funnel – The Power in Decision

Building Out Your Funnel – The Power in Decision

I remember the day I made the powerful decision to join my first 5-figure mastermind.

It was scary as hell.

Fear crept in. {I kept thinking ‘What am I doing?’}

But isn’t excitement a form of fear too?

Isn’t that why thrill seekers enjoy the rush?

The excitement outweighed the fear…I knew with certainty I was about to level-up my business in ways I didn’t even fully understand.

Decision is the 3rd stage to wrap up our series about my basic 3-stage customer marketing funnel as it relates to your Client Attraction system.

In the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, you’ll want to put even more forceful content in front of them that explains 

‘Why You.’

At this stage, the buyer knows that they have a problem, they can define it perfectly due to your research, and now they know they have solutions to choose from.

Now is the time they will finally choose.

So are you sharing enough about why you so that they can make an informed decision?

For example, I put a “what makes you qualified?” section in my FAQ sections on my sales pages.

And now is the time to get way more brand-specific in the content you show and deliver to them, which is now mostly via email, social media groups, blog posts.

You’ll also have to work on overcoming objections with the content you publish, especially on the sales page.

Remember, adding content for each stage of your buyer’s journey should be considered for each program you are promoting.

Are you ready to add the full customer journey promotion into your next program?

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