Building Out Your Funnel

Building Out Your Funnel

In Part 1, I shared my basic 3-stage customer marketing funnel…and we covered Awareness.

Now we move into the next stage…Consideration.

When you are sure that your customers are in the consideration stage, you’ll want to deliver different content to them.

It might still be in the same format such as blog posts, but you’ll want to work on getting them on your list now.

This is when your prospects are comparing potential solutions after they’ve discovered you in the awareness stage.

You’ll be taking specific steps to ‘warm’ up these prospects before moving to the 3rd stage.

The best content for the consideration stage will include testimonials, case studies, podcasts, videos, and email content (after you get them to join your email list).

You don’t have to do this all at once.

You can start with the awareness stage information and work your way up, adding content for each stage of your buyer’s journey for each and every single product that you want to promote.

But as you understand that there is a buyer’s journey…you will recognize the importance to take these phases into account when you promote your next program.

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