Five Things to Consider Before You Automate

Five Things to Consider Before You Automate

So, as you can see there are a number of advantages to business automation. Check out how business automation can help your business grow here!

However, before you begin to take the steps to automate certain aspects of your business, there a couple of things to consider.

Five Things to Consider Before You Automate

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Specific Areas

Think about what specific areas within your business will best lend themselves to being automated.

For example, is there a process that tends to be paper-intensive?

Excessive paper always means that a process can be made leaner or more efficient by automating the process it is associated with.

Look for the piles of paper within your business and you will discover a process that is begging to be automated.

Wasted Time

Is there a process where excessive amounts of time are wasted because specific documents or materials are missing?

Automating that process will ensure that those documents or materials are available when and where your employees need them. This, in turn, reduces bottlenecks in the production process and the delays that are associated with the same.


Are there areas within your business that duplicate data? An excellent example of this usually occurs with customer contact lists. One department uses the list for one purpose.

Another department uses the list of an entirely different purpose. However, each department probably manually enters the contact information separately and manually updates the list separately.

This is an unnecessary duplication of the data contained within the list. Centrally automating data eliminates that wasted time and energy that results from the duplication of the data.


Oftentimes, a project will get hung up because someone failed to get a notification to proceed on their part of the project. Then, when that failure is finally noticed and rectified, everyone else associated with the project waits while the original person catches up.

Once again, the result of all this confusion is an inefficient waste of time and energy. If you find that this happens within your business on a fairly regular basis, automating project management is the solution.

Routine Tasks

A final consideration prior to automating revolves around routine tasks. The day to day things that every business must do to function can also be a micromanagement time suck.

You and everyone else associated with your business can fall into the trap of keeping busy with these mundane tasks at the expense of producing any working output. It is precisely these types of tasks that lend themselves best to business automation.

In the end, the benefits of business automation cannot be underestimated. Smart business owners understand that they need to make a renewed commitment to automation and lay a concrete foundation towards achieving that end.

These efforts will help you remain relevant in today’s contemporary, highly turbulent, market. 

With that thought in mind, let’s turn our attention towards the specific areas in your business that can be quickly and easily automated. Find out what they are here!

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