Go From Failure to Promising Future

Go From Failure to Promising Future

Successful entrepreneurs know that if they hadn’t failed, they would not have been able to truly succeed.

failure to success

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Failure is an Option

In many business texts, failure is treated as a life sentence.

There is only talk of success, success and more success.

It’s as if success existed by itself, unaffected by any of the other forces that shape life, including business.

Talk of success is fine, but such talk cannot exist in a vacuum.

When you talk about success, you must also talk about failure.

Failure is the flip side of success.

They are light and dark.

One cannot exist without the other.

They are more than opposites.

In a very real sense, they define one another.

So let’s talk of failure and the role that failure plays in success.

Every successful businessperson has experienced failure.

They have lost.

They have lost more than once.

When they failed, they learned from that failure.

They understood that failure wasn’t a judgment.

Instead, they understood that failure was actually the classroom where you learned how to succeed.

They learned the lessons taught.

They didn’t ignore them.

They graduated from that classroom armed with useful knowledge that they then used to succeed.

As an entrepreneur, you must be prepared to accept failure.

You are going to fail.

You will probably fail more than you succeed.

People around you will judge by those failures.

Ignore them, for they are truly ignorant.

They don’t understand the opportunity that failure represents.

They don’t understand that success is the phoenix that rises out of the ashes of failure.

The Future is Now

There is one thing that is completely certain and predictable in the world of business – things are going to change.

Sure, at times it can seem like the status quo is, well, the status quo.

If you built your business around that status quo, the stability that it provided gave you the opportunity to take root and grow.

You may currently find yourself in the enviable position of riding the wave.

Your business is being propelled forward.

Growth is continuing.

Customers are satisfied.

All in all, life is good.

In this kind of situation, it is easy to forget that the success you have experienced, that you are experiencing, is due to the current business status quo that you have leveraged in your favor.

Things are far from stable.

In fact, they are fluid.

You have forgotten that you are riding a wave.

Things are changing and the ground is shifting under you.

The wave that you are currently riding is getting ready to break and the next wave is already cresting behind you.

Every successful entrepreneur is never content.

This is not born out of any innate restlessness.

Instead, the successful entrepreneur understands that they cannot ever afford the luxury of being content.

The price of running a successful business is not being able to ever rest on your laurels.

In business, stability often leads to stagnation.

It is innovation that leads to long-term, sustained success.

That is why successful entrepreneurs are never content.

They are constantly scanning the horizon, in search of the next wave.

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