Spotting Trends In What You’re Hearing From Your Customers

Spotting Trends In What You’re Hearing From Your Customers

Today is the wrap up of our 3-part series.

Using what I shared, you should be able to see topics you can use for your High Converting Lead Magnet.

The most remarkable thing about observing your customers via email, on social media, and in groups, surveys, and forums is the ability to spot trends and their immediate desires.

how to spot trends

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You can help to provide what your audience needs.

A New Feature

For example, if more than one person has answered your survey about a particular feature they’d like to see on your product, that is a sign that you may want to create another product or you may want to upgrade yours to add those features.

A New Service

Or if you provide a service such as creating social media memes, but they would like you to post them to their social media accounts as an additional service, you will need to determine if enough people are asking for that service and if the cost is worth it in terms of probability.

Read Their Minds

If you are observant enough with the tools we have today, you can seem to your customers as if you’re reading their mind.

When in truth, you’re simply using your knowledge and understanding that if two or more of your audience – who, by the way, has been targeted due to their specific demographics, wants, needs, and desires – are asking for something extra, then they probably need it and many more than two will buy it.

When you start noticing a potential trend, note it. Then create something that can test its relevancy for your audience.

Once you have surveyed and questioned, if you feel the excitement is there, you can then create the product/service and add it to your offerings.

This process almost ensures that each thing you launch will be successful because you’re launching things that your customers are talking about and wanting.

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