How Blogging Can Help Grow Your Business

How Blogging Can Help Grow Your Business

A blog makes it easy to share content on a regular basis.

Did you know that I started my business as a blogger?

I even did a year challenge where I wrote a new blog post every day for 365 days!

It really is as easy as writing an email and sending it.

How Blogging Can Help Grow Your Business

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Sharing original weekly content is the key to growing an audience

Everything is easily accessible in one space from the posts you write to the images and files you share with your readers.

By keeping it simple and user-friendly, there’s no reason you can’t set aside a little time each week to share content.

While written posts first come to mind when you think about a blog, don’t feel that you’re limited to writing.

You can share photos, videos, and audio files on your blog.

Click on the image below to grab a free guide to learn other ways you can turn one blog post into multiple pieces of promotional content.

How you share your content is up to you. Here are some effective strategies to ensure a successful blog Effective Strategies for Blogging.

Pick the format you prefer and of course, keep in mind what your customers find most helpful.

Use Your Blog To Build A Relationship With Your Readers

A blog is a great tool for building a relationship with your prospects and customers.

One of the unique aspects of a blog is the comment feature.

Not only is it easy for you to share content on a regular basis, it’s also just as easy for readers to respond by leaving you a comment.

Start a conversation and build a relationship with your readers.

You can do this by actively encouraging comments.

Invite them to ask questions or share their own experiences in your posts.

Of course, a relationship isn’t built in a day.

Your first job is to grab your reader’s attention and then keep them reading.

That’s easily done by linking blog posts and inviting blog readers to join your mailing list.

With each blog post, you’re deepening the relationship until your readers are comfortable spending money with you.

Grow Your Reach

Blog posts are easy to share on social media.

This means that you can use your blog to grow your reach and connect with new potential customers.

I can’t emphasize how big of a deal this is.

With something as simple as writing a blog post once or twice a week (or daily if you’re ambitious), you can share your expertise, your products, and your website with people you couldn’t reach otherwise

…all without spending big bucks on marketing.

Share Your Expertise And Establish Your Authority

It takes time for your potential customer to trust you.

They need to learn that you know what you’re talking about.

What better way to do just that than sharing your vast knowledge on your blog.

Don’t be afraid to “give away the farm” when it comes to information.

Prove to your readers and potential customers that you’re an expert in your field and can help them make the right purchasing decisions.

Once you’ve proved to your readers that you know what you’re talking about, you can introduce them to your products and show them how they can help solve problems, entertain, or fulfill whatever the purpose of your product (physical or digital) is.

Leave us a comment on what you do to build relationships with your readers.

Here are some more blogging tips to help you get started and grow your business:

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