How To Manage Your Energy

How To Manage Your Energy

Life is not meant to be done at full speed twenty-four-seven.

It’s not a sprint or a race; It’s a long and steady marathon or voyage.

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You can’t expect to do anything right or get work done if you are exhausted all the time.

You need to slow down and find ways to manage your energy better to be more productive and flourish within your business or personal life.

Here are five ways to help manage your energy:

Learn to Let Go

You don’t need to be in control of everything.

In fact, the only thing you are even allowed to control is yourself.

You cannot possibly do each and everything on your own in a realistic amount of time.

Learn to let go of control, especially in areas you don’t understand and only cause you pain or frustration.

Find ways to outsource or automate the process.

Create and Follow Realistic Schedules

If you don’t set aside enough time to finish certain projects or tasks, you will always feel like you are rushing to complete your work on time.

The less you put things off for later or “I’ll do it Monday,” the more energy you will have to get through the day.

Create Proper Routines and Take Breaks

Always take breaks and schedule more time than you think you need.

Ensure you know exactly how much time you need for each task and always include a little more time than you need to account for the unpredictable.

This way, you are sure to never go over schedule, miss meetings, important deadlines, or worse, be late and affect other people’s schedules. 

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Leave Easy and Mindless for Last

These tasks don’t need your full energy and attention, so don’t give it to them.

It may seem more straightforward to go ahead and get it out of the way, but you will only use your most productive hours and energy on activities that really don’t matter—giving you less energy for more important things.

Do It or Else

In other words, create things or activities that are non-negotiable for you, just like how you can’t live your whole day without going to the bathroom.

You can make this same concept in every area of your life. Don’t permit yourself not to do it.

Fully understand the consequences and remember your “why” for establishing the goal in the first place.

As you keep making yourself do it no matter what, it eventually will become a habit you can’t or won’t want to break.

In the end, you need to be realistic, honest, and evaluate your actions to be sure they are helping you sustain your energy, motivation, and determination.

For better energy management, be sure you really know what it takes to crush your goals, eat healthily, create realistic schedules, and stick to it!

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