How to Use Interviews to Create Compelling Content

How to Use Interviews to Create Compelling Content

Interviews for content generation is something that many digital marketers overlook or don’t even consider.

This is a technique that can be used to create amazing, highly sharable content very quickly so why wouldn’t you want to employ it?

Maybe you don’t:

  • Know just how valuable interview content can be
  • Know how to create great interviews, or
  • See how to profit from them

Keep reading to learn the power of interviewing for bloggers and marketers alike.

Using interviews to create compelling content

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By the end, you’ll not only know just how powerful interview content is but you’ll have a full understanding of how to use it and how to get the very most value from it.

What’s more, you’ll also have a ton of great ideas and actionable strategies that you’ll be able to put into practice right away.

Why Content Matters

When it comes to succeeding online, there is no single asset more important than content.

Content is very much what makes the digital world go around and ultimately, it is what provides the motivation for anyone to visit your website.

It is also needed for search engine optimization (SEO), Google values unique content very highly in it’s ranking algorithm.

Google ranking rules change all the time, certain techniques come and go, but creating high-quality content will always make the Google Gods happy.


  • Brings visitors back to your website time and time again.
  • Encourages them to sign up to your mailing list.
  • You can share through social media in order to build a following.
  • You use to connect with influencers in your niche.

Simply put, content plays a key role in every last aspect of your online marketing.

Digital marketing doesn’t exist without content and this means that it’s the job of any serious marketer to constantly do whatever they can to get the very best quality content for their site.

Take serious notice to the word ‘quality’ here.

The mistake that a lot of marketers make is forgetting that their content has to be high quality.

You need to focus on quality instead of just focusing on volume.

It’s not good enough for your writing to be well constructed: you need to make sure that the topic is unique, interesting, and something that hasn’t already been done a million times already.

In other words, great content is content that’s unique and exciting for the reader.

Ask yourself: would you read it?

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All this creates a bit of a problem if you’re a marketer, blogger or anyone building a presence online.

  • What if you don’t know how to write great content?
  • What if you’ve never spent much time writing before?
  • What if you just aren’t at all confident in your ability to string together coherent content?

One option is to outsource the process, which is fine but can get expensive quickly.

Another choice is to add mainly curated content to your web pages – though this can create a scenario where you’re not really offering anything new to your visitors and ultimately you just become a ‘middle man’ (meaning you can be cut out).

There is one technique that can add unique content with little input of your own:  Interviews.

Interviews can provide an answer to the above problems.

Even if you already have a steady flow of great content, they can help you to stand out with something that provides a little extra value.

Interviews are especially sharable and are something that can potentially bring you a huge influx of views.

There a many authors who have gone on to write incredibly successful books where the entire basis of the book was based on interviews conducted with experts in their field.

In some cases, those same authors released follow up books which showcased the original interviews to create the book.

Very often these follow-up books have been just as popular as the original work!

There are many unique advantages to interview content and as you’ll see, they go beyond the value of the content itself.

Why Interview Content is So Valuable

If in the past you have been sharing articles with titles like ‘How to Get Six Pack Abs’ or ‘Top 10 SEO Tips for Beginners’ then you might find that you don’t quite reach the kind of momentum you’re looking for.

The problem with this sort of content is that it is inherently dull and derivative.

Even if these posts are well written, they’re the kind of content that you can find anywhere else online.

Most people have read it a hundred times and chances are the tips will be things everyone has heard before too.

This is the definition of ‘phoning it in’ when it comes to content marketing and unsurprisingly, it doesn’t lead to much growth for your website.

In order to be readable and sharable, your content really needs to have something unique about it.

The title of the content for starters needs to promise something that the prospective reader absolutely can’t miss and then once they’ve clicked to read it, it’s just as important that the content delivers on its promise.

It’s only this way that you can capture the readers attention and then keep them coming back to your site to learn more.

If you want to ensure your content spreads and gets shares and likes, then you also need to cater it to a very specific audience – in other words, you need to write for a ‘target demographic’. 

This way you have some clear places to share it and you can find like-minded people who will want to share with their friends on social media.

Remember, social media is first and foremost a communication tool and you need to create content that facilitates that communication if you want it to succeed in this environment.

This is the first big advantage of interview content: it ticks all these boxes perfectly.

For starters, an interview is something unique, interesting, and with clear value.

If you can get an interview with an interesting person, then this is something you can instantly communicate in your headline and it’s something that will appeal to everyone.

What’s more, it will specifically appeal to fans of that person or of what that person does.

This in turn means that you can then take that new content and share it with specific groups.

For example, if you were to land an interview with a prominent martial artist, then you could share it with a martial arts group and that alone would be enough to encourage lots of likes and shares.

People love demonstrating when they’re a fan of something or someone as it gives them a way they can express themselves.

People will then like any interview content as long as they like the person being interviewed. That guarantees love and exposure for what you just posted!

Don’t forget that there is another angle to this too: the person being interviewed.

If you interview someone who is very well-known and is ‘big’ in their field, then you will gain instant likes, shares, and comments simply from the association with their name.

If you go for someone a little smaller on the other hand, then you have another advantage:

That person will likely be excited to be featured online and will probably share it themselves!

Let’s say you interview a video game designer – if they don’t get lots of exposure then they may share this with their family, their friends, social media, or online communities they are active in. 

In fact, they might share it anywhere they get the chance.

Find someone who is very influential in your niche and this might mean getting exposure to a massive selection of targeted people.

Interviews are unique, full of variety, highly targeted, and have tons of potential for sharing… what more could you ask for?

Well, how about a very low investment on your part?

Despite this type of content being incredibly valuable to you, the amazing thing is that it takes a very short amount of time and effort for you to actually write it.

That’s because you only need to write the questions and your interviewee will provide the answers!

Now that you know how interviews can be valuable marketing content, let’s talk about How To Get The Interview!

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