The Know-Like-Trust Approach to Conversion

The Know-Like-Trust Approach to Conversion

For somebody to buy something from you online, they must first trust you.

Pretty straightforward, right?

I mean, this is how it works in the offline world.

Who would you rather buy from?

A friend who recommends a product to you or some random stranger that hits you up off the street?

It’s a no-brainer.

How to convert your audience should be the start of your outreach process.

The Know-Like-Trust Approach

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You Have to be Systematic and Methodical Regarding Conversion

Knowing the know-like-trust process code is your secret to skyrocketing your conversion rates.

The same process applies online.

People buy and take recommendations from people they trust.

However, getting people to trust you online follows a specific process.

For people to trust you, they must first like you.

In turn, for people to like you, they must first feel they know you.

In other words, you can’t just go straight from know all the way to trust.

It doesn’t work that way.

You have to go through a step-by-step process: know-like-trust.

The good news is that conversion speed depends on the particular prospect.

Some people only need to look at a particularly engaging and informative piece of content for them to feel they know you enough to like your brand.

They consume the content some more, and then they develop enough trust for them to pull the trigger and buy things from you or click on an ad or enter their email address.

For other people, the process takes longer.

In some cases, they have to go back to your website or read more of your emails for them to finally commit.

Regardless of the speed of conversion, it can only happen on a predictable, systematic, and methodical level if you engineer the know-like-trust process into your content and sales funnel.

This is extremely important to understand.

Many marketers think that they only need to produce tons of content and people will eventually ‘warm up’ to their brand or value proposition.


Great content and great marketing materials are like sharks…

Either they are pushing your brand forward or your brand is dying.

There is no middle ground.

Your content must always work to build up your brand’s overall credibility and trustworthiness.

The more your content does this, the more potent your conversion process will be.

Each piece of content shouldn’t just be drifting out there independent of each other.

They should support each other.

At the very least, your content should filter the visitor into the proper stage.

Great content filters visitors into know, like, or trust stage.

Effective content would then link to the specific stage the person is in so that the visitor gets a guidance to go to the proper content that would convert that person.

You have to remember that when people enter a keyword into a search engine, they have different intents.

Some people are just looking for information.

They’re not out to buy.

They’re just trying to understand a particular piece of information.

Other people already have a preference, but they’re looking to find a brand they can trust.

Other people already trust a brand and just need that push for them to pull the trigger and make a purchase or enter their email or zip code.

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