You’re Ready to Sell, But How?

You’re Ready to Sell, But How?

You’ve created an awesome product!

You know that your audience is going to get so much value from it.

But there’s one problem…

You're Ready to Sell

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How does your audience even know your product exists?

Once you have your product finished and packaged up, it’s time to get some infrastructure in place so people can buy your product.

You need a page to tell them what it’s about (the sales page), a buy button, and some way to collect payments, and of course a download page where they can grab the file or files you created.

Let’s look at each of these components one by one.

The Sales Page

The page where you share what you have to offer is the sales page.

This can be as long and complicated as you want it to be.

For your first product I suggest you keep it simple and keep it short.

Start with an attention-grabbing headline.

This should pull the reader in and focus on what they want or the problem they need to solve.

Follow that with a little introduction where you transition from what they want to what they need.

Add a few bullet points to let them know exactly what they are getting.

You could share pieces of your product outline, or highlight a few benefits from the product.

Always focus on what’s in it for your customers and highlight benefits instead of features.

Wrap it up with a call to action where you specifically ask your reader to buy.

Provide a button where they can click to purchase and that’s it.

Keep it simple, to start.

As with your product, you can always go back and tweak the sales page later with feedback from your customers and to test to see what’s working best.

The Download Page

The next piece of the puzzle is the download page.

This is usually a pretty simple and straightforward page to create.

Start by thanking your customers for their purchase.

Next, you want to give them access to the products they just bought.

This is usually a link to the finished file, be it pdf, mp3, mp4, or zip file.

If you’re streaming audio or video content, embed it on this page.

It’s also helpful to let them know how to download the content (right-click to save the pdf for example) and point them to software to open the file with like Adobe reader for PDFs and a media player for audio and video.

The easier you make it for them, the fewer question you’ll have to answer later.

Speaking of which, start collecting these questions once your offer is up and running and add both the most common questions and your answers to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and link to it along with your contact page from the download page.

A Way To Pay

Your sales page will include a purchase button, and you obviously need a way to take payments for your digital products online.

There are quite a few different ways to do this.

I recommend you start with a simple option to begin with, and then change it up as and when you need more functionality.

Start making some money so you can invest it into some of the other more advanced options with more features when you’re ready.

Make Your Offer Live And Start Sending Traffic To It

Once you have your sales page, download page, and a way for customers to pay set up, it’s time to make your offer live.

Push the Publish button on your pages if you haven’t already done so and then test your offer.

This is an important part of every product launch that’s often forgotten.

No matter how careful you are or how good you think you’ve gotten at this, you will make mistakes.

This initial test purchase is the time to catch those errors and fix them before they cost you sales and the trust of your customers.

If everything is working, it’s time to start sending traffic to your offer.

Email your list, announce it on your blog and social media, recruit some affiliates, and call in some favors.

Do what you can to send targeted traffic to your sales page.

This will be a continuous effort going forward.

For now though, celebrate your win as you just created a new product and shared it with the world!

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