Top Resources for a Happier You

Top Resources for a Happier You

There are so many amazing resources to support your journey to happiness.

Read more about the top resources for a happier you today!

While it is possible to help yourself be happier, there are resources dedicated to the cause.

These resources are some of the top ones available that can be used to help you become a happier person.

A common theme surrounding these resources is they want to embrace happiness for everyone.

There are so many amazing resources to support your journey to happiness. Read more about the top resources for a happier you today!

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Action For Happiness

This resource is set out to building a more caring and happier society.

They have a course called Exploring What Matters that is supported by the Dalai Lama.

Other available information includes the Happy Café as well as groups and events that you can participate in.

These groups and events are centered around the topic of happiness.

Project Happiness

The motto for this group is, “Where the science of happiness meets the art of living.”

They have educational programs geared to helping kids of varying age groups to become happier.

They teach about self-awareness and touch on some tough subjects like bullying and what to do about it.

I’m happy to recommend The Project Happiness Handbook.

The book was written to help you get to know yourself and how to master your emotions.

When you have a handle on that, this sets the stage to become happier.

Happiness Matters

I would love to see you in our Happiness Matters coaching!

To everyone else, you seem to have the perfect life.

Perhaps you have a high-paying job, a fantastic home, beautiful children and a spouse who adores you.

Everybody else around you thinks “Wow, you are so lucky.”

But you don’t feel lucky.

Your outer success is masking your inner unhappiness.

You have every reason to be happy… but you’re not and you can’t put your finger on why.

Live Happy Within

This website has a great directory of other resources dedicated to the pursuit of happiness.

You can find quotes about happiness as well as apps, books, conferences, clubs, etc.

If you are trying to be happier you will want to bookmark this resource as you’ll want to refer to it often.

The Happiness Weekend

You’ve been told to work harder, be more productive, do more, give more, buy more… and then you’ll be happy.

But you’ve done these things. You’ve created your success and now you feel a bit lost.

You’re embarrassed to admit you aren’t really happy—that you feel like you need more.

If only there was a magic pill for happiness!

But acknowledging that you need to improve your happiness is the first step.

The Pursuit of Happiness 

This website has several features that can help you in your goals to become happier.

Their motto is, “Bringing the science of happiness to life.”

They even have a happiness quiz as well as a test to measure if you are depressed.

The site also has information regarding the actual science of happiness along with a history of happiness.

They have a decent blog that discusses topics such as how diet can affect your mood and your ability to be happy.

The resources from this article can help you in your quest to become happier.

Share your favorite happiness resource in the comments below.

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  1. So many great resources here! Will be checking them all out! Happiness is not perfect, happiness is being happy with the imperfect!

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