Wear Sunglasses…Everyday!

Wear Sunglasses…Everyday!

This Health and Wellness post should be called a Health and Wellness AND Good Looks post. This subject is more about looking good, but I figure looking good is part of Health and Wellness as it makes us feel good to look good, right? Wear sunglasses everyday! It’s not only good for your eyes but also the skin around your eyes.

Why you should "Wear Sunglasses...Everyday!" Wearing sunglasses protects the fragile skin around your eyes to keep you looking young.

Wear Sunglasses…Everyday!

The fragile skin around the eyes can really tell a lot about a person like their age. I bought my first pair of sunglasses in 1984. I’ll never forget because I bought Vuarnets and they were all the rage when I was in high school. I was so excited and wore them every day because I thought they made me look cool.

Honestly I’ve been wearing sunglasses every single day since then and I’m so glad I have. Not only can sunglasses be a major fashion statement but they also protect the skin around your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. That skin is so tender that sun damage can literally happen in a matter of minutes. I’m not kidding! I have a friend who forgot her sunglasses on a houseboat trip and got major dark, sun spots around her eyes in one afternoon! She was 28 at the time. Imagine big, brown sunspots on your face at such a young age. It can happen folks.

I worry that this may sound like I’m tooting my own horn but I’m not, I swear! I started wearing sunglasses because they were cute and cool. My eyes got so used to the shades that I continued to wear them all the time even on cloudy days. What I discovered by accident is that my eyes have stayed fairly young looking throughout the years and I contribute this partly to wearing sunglasses EVERYDAY of my life. (And, partly to wearing eye cream since I’m 17 and getting a lot of rest.)

So, don’t feel guilty about spending a little dough on sunglasses. It’s money well spent and will help you keep your youthful look for years to come.

Even Carie’s dog Louie knows it’s good to wear sunglasses! He prefers old school Wayfarers.

Why you should "Wear Sunglasses...Everyday!" It protects your eyes much more than you think.

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