Boost Emotional Intelligence By Doing THIS For 10 Minutes A Day

Boost Emotional Intelligence By Doing THIS For 10 Minutes A Day

Mindfulness training is no longer limited to yoga studios or monasteries.

The ancient practices of meditation and breathwork have found their way into the workplace, most often used to relieve stress and increase focus.

Boost Emotional Intelligence By Doing THIS For 10 Minutes A Day

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But what many people don’t know is that mindfulness training can also help increase emotional intelligence (EI).   

How Does Mindfulness Boost EI?

Mindfulness makes you more present and aware of yourself and others.

Not only does it improve relationships, the foundation all business is built upon.

It takes us out of reactive mode, which allows us to be more thoughtful and deliberate in our interactions with others.

Introducing a mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated.

Just 10 minutes a day can make all the difference.

And it’s easy to access – simply download a meditation app on your phone like Insight Timer or Calm, and you’re set.


Start out with short, guided meditations.


As you get more comfortable, set a timer for 10 minutes of silence.

Be still and observe your thoughts as they arise and retreat.

Breathing Exercises

These you can access at any time:

  • At your desk
  • Commuting
  • Sitting in traffic, or
  • Waiting in line

These techniques can be subtle and instantly calming, turning a situation or feeling around swiftly and effectively.

Search YouTube and you’ll find breathing techniques for anxiety, anger, nervousness, or any feeling you routinely face in your business (or personal) life. 

Mindfulness isn’t magic.

It is grounding and nurtures the essential ingredients of emotional intelligence: empathy, compassion, and calm.

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