The #1 Skill Of Emotionally Intelligent People

The #1 Skill Of Emotionally Intelligent People

There is a subtle difference between not taking things personally and a complete dismissal of other people’s opinions.

The #1 Skill Of Emotionally Intelligent People

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The latter comes across as a challenge: “I don’t care what people think!”

But, if you dig down, it becomes obvious that the opposite is true.

There is an emotional charge behind those words and the defiance is, in fact, a reaction to other people.

Emotionally intelligent people don’t take things personally.

They understand that other perspectives exist and that they are not a threat.

The “I don’t care” approach can be temporarily liberating and exhilarating, but it’s not practical.

In business situations, we need to:

  • Care
  • Engage in dialogue
  • Be open to other opinions

– even if those opinions are about our own actions or decisions.

This doesn’t include personal attacks, of course.

If you want to grow, you need to be willing to listen to feedback and take it into consideration – but you don’t have to take it personally.

Weigh what was said, and if it wasn’t constructive, dismiss it and move on. 

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How can you stop taking things personally?

Get Clear On Your Personal Beliefs

If you have a core set of beliefs, you won’t automatically overvalue other people’s opinions and question yourself.

Understand That Most Of The Time, A Person’s Behavior Has Nothing To Do With You

  • A potential collaborator flaked out?
  • A prospect who initially expressed great interest didn’t complete the purchase?
  • A co-worker didn’t wave to you in the parking lot?

People’s reactions and emotions are a reflection of their current state of mind, not your worth.

Avoid Toxic People

And sometimes, Emotionally Intelligent people recognize that some people are just incapable of offering valuable, constructive insight – so they wisely keep their distance.

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