The Fastest Way To Boost Emotional Intelligence

The Fastest Way To Boost Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is essential to business and personal success.

It has been linked to higher salaries and job satisfaction.

The Fastest Way To Boost Emotional Intelligence

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So, what is the foundation of emotional intelligence?


Empathy gives us the ability to understand and share other people’s feelings and experiences.

It fosters true connection.

In essence, it’s what makes us human.

So, it seems a bit unusual to think in terms of ‘boosting’ empathy.

It is generally believed that once we reach adulthood, empathy is pretty much a fixed quality.

But that’s not entirely true.

Here are four ways you can boost empathy to increase your emotional intelligence.

Read Fiction

Immersing yourself in a novel and seeing the world through somebody else’s eyes expands your perspective

Try Something New…In Front Of People

A physical challenge, a new language, a dance routine, a monologue – it doesn’t matter.

Being a beginner, and trying and failing, is humbling.

Humility goes hand in hand with empathy.

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Be Open To Examining Your Judgments And Biases

Biases shut down connections and block our ability to listen and empathize.

We all have biases.

Reflect on yours.

Practice On Yourself First

Get in the habit of observing and labeling your own emotions daily.

Once or twice a day, pause and pick out two emotions you are feeling.

There are resources online that provide a list of emotions to choose from.

Many people believe that in order to succeed, you must be tough and unreadable in business situations.

This is the furthest thing from the truth.

Forming connections and relationships are essential to sustained success.

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