How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Navigate Major Change

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Navigate Major Change

In the workplace, the pace of change can be dizzying.

New technology, new terminology, new ways of working, and new demographics as Gen Z enters the workforce and millennials take on leadership roles.

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Navigate Major Change

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Being adaptable has always been an important skill in business, but it is even more critical now.

No matter where you find yourself – upper management, entry-level, entrepreneurship, or part of the gig economy – adaptability is a must-have skill.

By increasing your emotional intelligence (EI), you can increase your adaptability during times of change. But how?

Emotional intelligence allows us to:

Navigate Diverse Opinions and Viewpoints

People with high EI are open to new ideas and concepts.

They aren’t inflexible or close-minded — instead, they’re comfortable being challenged.

They understand that their knowledge and beliefs have limitations and a fresh perspective can generate unique solutions.

Handle Setbacks

Setbacks, delays, and failure go hand in hand with change.

This is inevitable.

Emotional intelligence gives us the resilience to deal with obstacles.

People with high EI also help others manage disappointment and fear when things don’t go as planned.

Control Our Impulses

People with high EI avoid reacting until they have gathered all the information, opinions, and ideas they need to move forward during times of change.

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Get To The Heart Of The Matter

Not afraid of asking hard questions and confronting resistance early on, emotionally intelligent people facilitate change by paving the way for solutions.

They understand people’s feelings, motivations, and fears, which helps them to remove doubts and gain support for new ideas and change.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Change can cause people to retreat into comfortable, familiar patterns.

Emotionally intelligent people may feel this urge too, but the awareness they have around their own behaviors and emotions allows them to acknowledge these feelings and move forward

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