The Importance of a Day of Rest

The Importance of a Day of Rest

As part of my 40 Day Transformation, we are reminded the importance of a day of rest to re-energize not only our body, but our mind and soul.

Similar to my struggle with meditation, I have a hard time doing ‘nothing’. I find that there is always something that can be done: organizing the bills/files, going through the refrigerator or pantry, even cooking (though this is becoming more of a pleasure) can often seem like a task.

Taking time to rest is so hard with busy schedules and long days. I often have to ask my husband if he has time to be together. Learn how to implement a day of rest and transform your life!

The Importance of a Day of Rest

I’m going to try and take my day of rest to be with my husband and do something together. We both tend to set our own schedules and often have to check with the other as far as ‘what are you doing this weekend’. I want to make a conscious effort to do more together and to have fun on my day of rest.

This weekend, Cory and I went for a drive on Sunday morning. We passed by these hot air balloons near Rancho Murrieta.

Day of Rest activities

Cory even pulled off the road so I could get this close up. (taken with the iPhone of course – as on my day of rest the big cameras stay at home). What are some activities that you do on your day of rest?

Day of Rest activities

I enjoy moments like these because they don’t come often. Maybe I’ll be on one of those hot air balloons next time! I hope you take the time to relax when you get the chance, and let the road take you to new sights and adventures!

Cory and I have also taken a vacation at Burney Falls to go camping to really connect with the beauty of nature. Taking time to enjoy each other and be fascinated by the little things like how the sun shines through the trees. We had a great time just taking it all in.

Want to read about how implementing the day of rest and how my 40 Day Transformation ended? I will continue to write my weekly Healthy Lifestyle column as I continue practicing what I’ve learned during this 40 Day Transformation.

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